The Initiation Tape

by The Unbearable Lightness



Disclaimer: Denizens of the great beyond are not always malevolent or malign. Determine for yourself what is the actual case and what is simply Hollywood schlock hype.
However, do proceed circumspectly.

(from a dubious source):
The Stone Tape theory is a paranormal hypothesis that was proposed in the 1970s as a possible explanation for ghosts. It speculates that inanimate materials can absorb some form of energy from living beings; the hypothesis speculates that this "recording" happens especially during moments of high tension, such as murder, or during intense moments of someone's life. This stored energy can be released, resulting in a display of the recorded activity. According to this hypothesis, ghosts are not spirits but simply non-interactive recordings similar to a movie. Paranormal investigators commonly consider such phenomena as residual hauntings (repeated playbacks of auditory, visual, olfactory, and other sensory phenomena that are attributed to a traumatic event, life-altering event, or a routine event of a person or place, like an echo or a replay of a videotape of past events).

Our impetus at Stone Tapes is to document the musical psycho-emotional phantasms we encounter in our personal lives, the traumas of our past that hound us well into our future. Perhaps by listening to their melodies we can help these traumas find solace, and move on to whatever plane is next.
(On the same token, isn't it also possible therefore that an event conjure such a strong positive emotion that a blithe sprite is imprinted forever on the scene? We do not shy away from documenting any emotion, no matter how turbulent or maudlin. This is the soundtrack to the human experience, as rendered through the lens of those reminiscing from whatever great beyond lies in store...)

This is the first installment in the Stone Tape series. Tape # is the chronological order in which each track was created.


released October 13, 2013

MA Freund created all sounds heard on this record with the help of a Yamaha Portasound PSS-270 run through an Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi NY Reissue, modded Boss DS-1, modded Behringer Super Distortion, Fender Blender, Strymon Ola, TC Hall of Fame Reverb, Digitech Delay, DOD Octoplus, and more now-defunct cassette players & recorders than I can recall to list.



all rights reserved


The Unbearable Lightness Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The abstract soundtrack to the human experience.
For the moments you feel dizzy with sensation.

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